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New Brew Thursday was started with one goal in mind: Introduce craft beer to the masses. After more then 75 shows, we’ve seen great success. It’s been an amazing ride and a hell-of-a-lot of fun and we look forward to lots more fun in the future!

The amazing craft brewers that we’ve met, drank with and introduced to you on the show, all seem to have one thing in common, they all started out home brewing. Naturally, we feel that tomorrow’s craft brewers are today’s home brewers, and we intend to feature some of these home brewers on New Brew Thursday. So here’s the plan:

New Brew Thursday is holding a Home Brewing Competition. Consider this an open call to all of you home brewers out there. We want to try your beer and pick the best-of-the-best. Winners and their beer will be featured on an New Brew Thursday show and introduced to the masses.

Each month we will accept beer submissions from you. This is where we win because we get to try a whole lot of amazing home brews! You can brew any style you want, using any ingredients you want. Send us at least two bottles (One for us to try and one for us to feature on the show). At the end of each month, we will dedicate one show to Home Brewers. Four winners each will be chosen.

Winning beers will be chosen using two criteria:
1. Originality (No clones please) of both the beer and the name of the beer
2. Taste.

Now, here is where the fun really begins. Home brewers featured on a New Brew Thursday show will advance to the “finals”. Finalists will be asked to create and brew a completely original, and completely organic beer. Send us at least four bottles of that beer. Final judging will be done by New Brew Thursday and Daniel Del Grande of Bison Brewing in Berkeley, California. That winner will be flown out in August to Berkeley and put up for the weekend to brew your beer commercially with Bison Brewing. That beer will be featured at GABF in September an entered in to the medal competitions.

So, if you’ve ever dreamt of having the masses drink your beer, this is your chance.

Beer Submissions should be sent to :

Stephen Johnson
New Brew Thursday
4545 Candelaria Way
Perris, CA 92571

Initial submissions MUST be received by the 15th of April & May and no later then June 1st to be considered for those months.

Finals submissions MUST be received by July 1, 2011 to be considered for brewing with Bison Brewing Co, and entry into GABF competition, and a full list of ingredients must be submitted with those beers.

New Brew Thursday members & their immediate family are not eligible to win, sorry Mom.

Eligible Episodes will air in April, May & June. We will continue to feature homebrews in our episode beyond that, but only the winners from these three months will be entered into the finals for this competition.

The winning recipe becomes property of Bison Brewing Co, and will be commercially brewed as a collaboration between the winning homebrewer and Bison Brewing under the Bison name.

Got questions? Email us at comment@newbrewthursday.com

4 Responses to Home Brew Competition

  1. Brian Yaeger says:

    Was that day way way back when at 3Rock the first time you guys’d met the Wench in person? Amazing what happens when friends and beer are involved. Hope you get some good stuff in and best of luck to whoever gets to brew this pro-am.

  2. John Holzer says:

    @Beer Farmer – it is! ;) Daniel Del Grande is in on it too.

    Are you gonna enter anything?

  3. Beer Farmer says:

    I don’t know, it sounds like a great scheme to get a lot of free beer to me. Just kidding (or maybe not). Anyways sounds like a great idea. Just found this site and will be checking it out on a regular basis.

  4. Wow. This is going to be fun.

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