Feb 28 : 2009 Lou Pepe Framboise : Brasserie Cantillon

This week, we’re getting fancy, with something from John’s cellar, a 2009 Lou Pepe Framboise from Cantillon.

Stephen is shooting from the hip, John makes us use the rabbit but only in private, and Matt just wants to talk about the beer.

Master Pairings with Dr. Bill is BACK! Finally! John joins Bill in “the cellar” for an amazing pairing of super spicy Penang Curry from a local Thai place paired with Alpine Brewing Exponential Hoppiness.

This weekend, Friday night, we’ll be at Packinghouse Brewery’s expansion party (https://www.facebook.com/events/450402108366971/), come by and hang out with the crew and relish in more capacity for good craft beer in the I.E. Then on Saturday we’ll be at Killarney’s Pub and Grill in Riverside for Big Wood and Strong Ale Festival (https://www.facebook.com/events/129821153858848/). Come party with us!

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