June 14 : Castelain Grand Cru Blonde Biere de Garde : Brasserie Benifontaine

This week we are in France .. again metaphorically. We’re enjoying a delicious Biere de Garde from Brasserie Benifontaine, the Castelain Grand Cru Blonde.

Stephen can’t speak french, Matt get kicks off the show .. again, and John is obsessed with flies.

On Master Pairings with Dr. Bill, Matt joins Bill for an epic cigar and Avery beer pairing. Bill breaks out the demon series of beers from Avery and pairs them with a fabulous little hammer cigar. This is the Patron 85th, a cigar made in celebration of Jose Padron’s 85th Birthday.

After Master Pairings, Stephen call Matt a drunk, Matt cuts John off, and John wants to punch Matt.

This Saturday join us at Killarney’s for their 5th Anniversary party!

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One Response to June 14 : Castelain Grand Cru Blonde Biere de Garde : Brasserie Benifontaine

  1. Anonymous says:

    Guys. Please stop pouring out the entire bottle of those bottle-conditioned beers. It’s driving is crazy.