Dec 15 : Confluence : Allagash Brewing Co

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This week we drink some delicious Allagash Brewing Co Confluence, an amazing wild ale produced in Maine with noble hops, pilsner malt and Brettanomyces.

John declares that there shall be no Tron or Star Wars references, Stephen makes them anyway, and Matt makes Dr. Bill cry.

On Master Pairings, Randy Clemens join Dr. Bill in the kitchen for another delicious pairing. This time, rather then a blatant Sriracha pairing, they enjoy some Maple bars with Anchor Steam Our Special Ale. Then, of course, they add Sriracha to the Maple bar .. which requires that they bring a different brew to pair, which do you think it would be?

After Master Pairings, we come back, and back, and back .. again. We discuss how some people don’t know what bacon and ham have in common, Matt brings us back to beer with a cool ship discussion, and Stephen demands perfection from douchey brewers.

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One Response to Dec 15 : Confluence : Allagash Brewing Co

  1. Sherman says:

    Great epuside guys. Not enough star wars refrences in it i think. but i love matt and all but watching your older eps i want brad to come back so bad he makes the show have a feeling i cant get anymore. I would love to see stephan, Brad, John and matt make a new introduction on this amazing show. It is christmas please make my wish come true. :)